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Chairman of the Year

This category selects the chairman whose strategic input, advice, contacts and market knowledge identifiably improves the performance and position of the company that employs them. The judges look to reward ventures whose level of ‘corporate governance’ is exemplary and which communicate effectively and routinely with their shareholders/investors.

Finance Director of the Year

The judges look for companies that have posted good earnings per share figures. They also examine reductions in losses in the company and tight control of costs. Innovative borrowing, banking and/or fundraising facilities will also be considered, and the judges will reward those who produce exceptionally transparent accounts.

PR Firm of the Year

The shortlist for this category will comprise of the public relations specialists most highly rated by quoted company CEO’s in a Growth Company Investor survey. In considering the shortlist, judges will look for evidence that firms have improved their clients’ reputations, delivered creative and effective campaigns, have a positive impact on share price and promote meaningful and fruitful communications, both with shareholders and the wider public.

Fund Manager of the Year

The award recognises the serial entrepreneur or fund manager whose stock picking ability has been superlative in the previous 12 months – and solid over a longer period. The judges will use market-standard performance measures in their evaluation.

IPO of the Year

The judges will consider the amount of money raised, costs of float, timing, the type of company being floated, the size of the company and its sector. They also look at the valuation of the company at float and the performance of the shares since flotation – those that go to healthy but not extravagant premiums will be considered. The award seeks to acknowledge the entire professional team involved in the IPO – company, broker and adviser.

Broker of the Year

To form the shortlist for this category, quoted company CEOs will be asked to rate their brokers for their effectiveness in raising money, either in initial public offerings or secondary fundraisings, as well as the quality of service they provide. The winner will be a firm that existing clients would readily recommend to others, and is able to demonstrate an ability to win new business on the strength of its excellent reputation.

Deal of the Year
  1. The acquisition (of product/company/subsidiary) that is deemed moat innovative/opportunistic in terms of price paid. The judges will consider the structure of the deal (the mix of shares, borrowings, fundraising used) and its impact on earnings for shareholders.
  2. The sale of a division that realises the best possible cash value for the company and left it better focussed/funded.
  3. Reverse takeover deals.
  4. Contract wins that materially change a company’s scale and business. As with the IPO award, this award seeks to reward the entire professional team involved in the deal – brokers, advisers and company.
Entrepreneur of the Year

This award seeks to recognise the entrepreneur at the helm of a young growing company whose flair, professionalism, dedication and opportunism has radically improved the trading prospects and status of their company. Financial measures will be examined as well as various corporate deals, contracts, product development and product positioning. This awards focusses on leaders who are founding shareholders or who hold significant stakes.

Chief Executive of the Year

A wide range of measures will be used to select the winner of this award. The judges will consider the nominees’ impact on sales, profits, earnings and share price (all on a 12-month basis), as well as those who have reduced losses and been at the helm of turnaround situations. The main focus is on ‘professional’ chief executives rather than those who have founded the company and/or are significant shareholders.

Company of the Year

The Company of the Year is the one whose all-round performance and quality that most impresses the judges. Stock market returns and commercial results over both the long and short term will be taken into consideration. The judges will particularly look for the sustainability of excellent performance into the future, as well as past achievements.

Investor Relations Programme of the Year

The Award recognises excellence across the entire spectrum of investor relations. The Judges look for companies which publish clear and informative annual reports and stock exchange announcements. Management must also make themselves available to both institutional and private investors on a regular basis. The winner will also maintain a comprehensive investor relations website and promote broker coverage of its stock.

Profit Growth Star of the Year

The Award recognises the company which has demonstrated outstanding profit growth both over the short and long term. A short list is compiled from companies with very strong near-term profit momentum and this performance is then considered in the context of those companies’ longer-term corporate development.

Share Price Star of the Year

The short list comprises companies whose share price has risen the most in the year to September. This share price performance is then evaluated in the context of the company’s market cap and the stock’s longer-term trading history.